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University Club Reveal // CRAFT interiors

When Rebecca asked us to come look at her house in University Club, we knew it wouldn’t take much to make the rooms really shine. She already had some great pieces she had selected herself,  but after several years of living in her home, she still hadn’t finished out her rooms.

This is a super common struggle, especially with people who have great taste, but have a hard time finding the time and motivation between work, and raising babies, and trying to have a social life to complete room designs.

Because she already had anchor pieces for all of the rooms, we didn’t do our normal “room packages” and opted to ala carte each item and room.

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Design by Cherith Craft / Photography by Christi Childs / Design assistant Heather McGraw


This room started in a great place, but definitely was missing that last pizzaz to really feel put together. We kept the client’s original couches and pillows, but rearranged them from an “L”  to facing each other, and centered the room a bit. The original ottoman was dark and tufted, so we switched it to this light and classy table we have been LOVING lately. Then we added this rug. I wish you could see the rug in person, it is so pretty. It almost has a slight metallic element to it and feels and looks GORGEOUS. Then it was just a matter of finding the right chairs, end tables, lamps, and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, our client wanted to keep the personal element to her living space, so we just “shopped her house” and found a neutral color palette and simplified it down for a classy and timeless look!


We didn’t need to do very much in here, but the original rug was a jute natural weave, and while it was in great shape, it brought in a very casual aesthetic to the dining room, and was slightly small. We brought in this rug that elevated the entire room, and tied it into the living room better.


Our client had just purchased a new bed, linens and curtains, so we wanted to use what she had, but dress it up a bit and complete the room out. We repainted this room to give the room a little more dimension, then added pops of navy and gold. The original end tables were quite tiny, so we got these white detailed dressers with aged gold details and two oversized mirrors, new rug, and a custom piece of art painted by Pam Ward.

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