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Local Artist Spotlight // Pam Ward

Artist Spotlight // Pam Ward // Painter

We have known Pam for years through church and other social activities, but it wasn’t until recently that we learned of her hidden talent –  abstract painting! We have used her for several of our projects, and she always does a great job. Usually, the conversation goes something like:

“Pam! I have an idea of a piece of art that I like, can you make me something like “this”….. But different… With these colors and this sort of feel?” Somehow she takes what I’m attempting to describe and always comes through!

I wish we had more pictures of her art in our projects, but here are a few!

If you are looking for affordable custom paintings, be sure to reach out to Pam. She will do a great job – but act fast as her rates are going up!

Thank you for coming to take a look! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Design by Cherith Craft / Photography by Christi Childs

An original painting by Pam Ward for a CRAFT interiors client.




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