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Building or designing your home can quickly become an overwhelming and stressful process.
Let our team help guide you through this experience. The areas we focus on are:

New Build

Every year we build 4-6 luxury homes that are for sale. These homes are always in South Baton Rouge in premium neighborhoods. Here you get to see our style come to life. Each home is designed by Brandon and Cherith Craft. Buyers can make as many decisions as they want, though most of our clients ask us to handle every detail.

Custom Build

Many clients come to us with a piece of land and a set of plans. We help clients get set up with a construction loan from a local lender, and our team puts together a Cost Plus Fixed Fee bid. Once construction starts, owners receive an updated budget every two weeks. This is a great way for you to have complete control of every aspect.

Here are a few of our favorite projects:

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If you would like to contact us or walk through our home model:

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    Selling your current home, building or buying a new one, and then having to furnish it is time consuming and difficult. We can take over the entire process with what we call the Craft Experience.

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