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Interview with Brandon Craft

Our team of realtors can help you buy or sell your home with an extremely convenient process. We want you to get the most profit out of your home so if staging, painting, or light construction is needed before you sell, our team will line up al...

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Valhalla Feature in Parade of Homes

At Craft Homes, we specialize in building luxury homes in the South Baton Rouge area. And today we are standing in the beautiful Valhalla neighborhood, a collection of 20 custom homes in a beautiful gated community on the historic Highland Road...

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Valhalla Modern Home

Come walk through a home tour of our second completed home in Valhalla! This home was such a fun process for our whole team. Our real estate team sold our clients previous home and our construction team did some light renovations to get it "sel...

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Modern Craftsman Home Tour

One of the benefits of building spec homes is the majority of the times, the home sells before it's completed. Then, as soon as it's finished the owners move in, and we move on to our next job. This is WONDERFUL, the only thing is half the time...

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CRAFT Home Tour // Dining Room

We have been LOVING the model home. It's a fun space to show clients to see and feel a CRAFT home, and gives us space to experiment with new lights and hardware, and design rooms and decorate and hold furniture until we install in clients house...

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Local Artist Spotlight // Pam Ward

Artist Spotlight // Pam Ward // Painter We have known Pam for years through church and other social activities, but it wasn't until recently that we learned of her hidden talent -  abstract painting! We have used her for several of our projec...

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University Club Reveal // CRAFT interiors

When Rebecca asked us to come look at her house in University Club, we knew it wouldn't take much to make the rooms really shine. She already had some great pieces she had selected herself,  but after several years of living in her home, she...

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Local Artist Spotlight // Andrew Pullman

LOCAL ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Pottery by Baton Rouge artist Andrew Pullman. I recently purchased my first pieces of pottery from Andrew Pullman, and I must say, THEY ARE GORGEOUS. Every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, and the quality is excell...

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