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Local Artist Spotlight // Andrew Pullman


Pottery by Baton Rouge artist Andrew Pullman.

I recently purchased my first pieces of pottery from Andrew Pullman, and I must say, THEY ARE GORGEOUS. Every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, and the quality is excellent.

“From kitchenware to jewelry, Andrew Pullman Pottery is dedicated to making one of a kind, interesting, and affordable pieces for you and your friends to enjoy. With the help of his wife Lydia, who holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Louisiana State University, Andrew is continually inspired to create works that are not only trendy, but great staples for any kitchen or wardrobe.”

I’m patiently waiting for Brandon to buy me a pair of earrings (hint, hint). On a side note, I had never heard of pottery earrings, but seeing his work, I am convinced.

Pottery by Andrew Pullman

Pottery by Andrew Pullman

Pottery by Andrew Pullman

You can purchase his work from his online shop LINK HERE.

I’m hoping it works out to use some of his work in a project at some point – but until then the pretty vases in the top picture are gracing our CRAFT model home shelves.

*Note: This post is not sponsored. We just like his work, and also are huge fans of supporting local vendors and artists.


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